FanFresh Scents are easy to install on almost any ceiling fan!FanFresh Aroma Discs
Air Fresheners for Ceiling Fans

If you use air fresheners and you have a ceiling fan... then this product is for you!

What Makes FanFresh Aroma Discs Such A Great Product?

How FanFresh-Scents Air Fresheners Work

Go "GREEN"-NO batteries, NO electrical outlets, NO harmful aerosol sprays and NO dangerous flames!

Made of earth friendly materials ~ can be recycled.

Easily attaches to your ceiling fan safely out of reach for kids and pets.



Available Scents:

Vanilla ~ Cinnamon ~ Citrus ~ Lavender ~ Pine

Fits on many styles of ceiling fans!
Makes a great housewarming gift, sales tool,
stocking stuffer, car air freshener, etc.